Text 20 Aug 4,952 notes Let’s Make Fun Of: Anthropologie Furniture


I love to hate Anthropologie furniture. In particular, the way they stage it for their website. There’s this gross fantasy they’ve created of an art student who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a paint-splattered flea market find. It’s like all their customers are aspiring to be Charlotte in Tiny Furniture (a loft-dwelling trust fund dilettante).

They’ve gone off the deep end with the juxtaposition. You know those fashion editorials every fall where models lasagned in Prada swing around street signs in Red Hook? It’s like that, but on acid. The settings are more deteriorated and the designs are more design-y. It’s like shopping from deep within Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table.

If you choose to purchase a piece of Anthropologie furniture, it will only really look right in one of three settings:


1. An alternative gallery space six weeks from opening


2. An urban cabin with faulty electrical wiring


3. A crumbling Southern plantation (soon to be deemed “the new loft” by the NYTimes)

Let’s take a stroll through the Anthropologie furniture section together. What’s for sale today?

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Text 28 Jul Worst e-mail ever

I need to create a new “jargon bingo” game for this e-mail.  I still don’t have a clue what they’re selling.  Painful.

Hello Cynthia,

I am following up on a voice mail message I left you recently to introduce myself and my company, MethodFactory. MethodFactory is an enterprise content and commerce solutions provider with extensive expertise in the envisioning, planning, development, deployment, and support of many of the industry’s leading platforms. 

MethodFactory’s expert staff is supported by partner relationships with IBM, Microsoft, Ektron, Kentico, Sitecore, and Sitefinity.  Our client-centric design philosophy means that the combination of planning, design, architecture, and deployment will uniquely meet your business and technical requirements.

We’d like to schedule a brief introduction to share how we’ve helped our clients optimize best-of-breed technologies and processes to achieve their business goals.  I’ll be following-up in the next few days.  If you’d like to speak with us before I get back in touch with you, please feel free to reach-out.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Best regards,

Kevin O’Reilly


implement. progress




Photo 24 Jul 2 notes oldhouselove:

Window treatment by Cyn. Bathroom now complete.

When I’m not spinning marketing stories, I like to sew.


Window treatment by Cyn. Bathroom now complete.

When I’m not spinning marketing stories, I like to sew.

Link 17 Jul 10 tips for better slide decks | TED Blog»

This is for any of you who have experienced death by PowerPoint.

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Video 5 Jan

I realize I have a thing for faces.

Link 26 Dec Apple - Holiday - TV Ad - Misunderstood - YouTube»

this makes me look forward to teaching Story again this semester. Pure genius.

Link 21 Nov Kanye Blasts Beloved Company For Selling 'S*** Product,' Company Responds Hilariously»

This is the BEST way to handle a complaint.  

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