Link 8 Apr A good ad kisses goodbye to an old paradigm - The Boston Globe»
Link 21 Jan Let the PRE super bowl ads begin!»
Video 5 Jan

I realize I have a thing for faces.

Link 26 Dec Apple - Holiday - TV Ad - Misunderstood - YouTube»

this makes me look forward to teaching Story again this semester. Pure genius.

Link 21 Nov Kanye Blasts Beloved Company For Selling 'S*** Product,' Company Responds Hilariously»

This is the BEST way to handle a complaint.  

Link 16 Oct A More Human Model for Product Storytelling»
Video 25 Sep 78 notes


Government of the State of Ceará Ad Campaign: Be a donor. Save lives.

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil

Video 24 Sep

Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial “Chicken” (by MercedesBenzTV)

Text 12 Sep how to use story in healthcare marketing
Link 9 Sep An Incredible New Guinness Ad Breaks The Industry Stereotype»

A new ad for Guinness positions the product as the beer for men of kindness and character.

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